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The only bad thing about Duane and Precision Diving

The only bad thing about Duane and Precision Diving is they are located 5 hours away from my favorite training site here in Ohio. I envy those who live in the Chicago area. Duane has the skills that make you say "I want to look like THAT when I dive" and he has the ability to help you get there. He was willing to tailor his class to address my goals and that's worth the price of admission.

Amber B
Intro to Tech

Top notch instruction

Top notch instruction with a DIR twist, at very reasonable prices. I've taken a number of classes from Duane, and I was always impressed with the content and thoroughness. He goes above and beyond the course materials, and has serious dive experience to back it up. Ask on scubaboard, you'll hear a lot of other people echo what I'm saying.

Rob Z
Advanced Nitrox/Deco

The best course I have taken

This (Intro to Tech) was the best course I have taken since I started diving. Rescue class was good, and I learned quite a bit of theory in the DM course, but your course took me back to the basics and showed me what I should have looked like coming out of my OW course, as well as some good techniques for planning. I appreciate your honesty and the pursuit of excellence you infused into your course.

Donny G
Intro to Tech

Extremely pleased both with the course

My first class with Duane was the (recreational) nitrox class, and I was extremely pleased both with the course and his approach/style to teach the material and have students understand it. Instead of using the "memorize - regurgitate" concept that many follow, Duane devised a foundation of basic principles that I could subsequently apply to both this course, and future courses. It was well worth the 50 mile drive, and I would certainly take future courses through him.

Abhishek A
Recreational Nitrox

Great Instructor

Duane is a great Instructor, The material is well represented, he works with you to help you fully understand the material and the reasons behind the material. By being able to do some dives with Duane before this class I felt good and comfortable with equipment and Duane going into it. It made the class that much more enjoyable and I was able to learn and take in material that much easier.

Nate L
Intro to Tech

I learned more

I learned more in 1 day with Duane than in my diving to date. I like his philosphy of "This is the minimum of what I have to teach, but this is what I teach". Unfortunately we did our OW with someone who only taught the minimum requiremnts.

Amy M
Advanced Buoyancy

Definitely fits the bill

Duane is very serious about his diving philosophy and it shows in his gear selection, teaching style, and attention to detail. When you watch him in the water he really does have "demonstration quality" skills, which is certainly not true of many instructors I have seen. When I take courses on any subject, I always want an instructor who can "walk the walk", and Duane definitely fits the bill.

Ron O, Wreck Diver, September 2009
Wreck Diver, September 2014

Provide a diver specific instruction to advance my skills

It was clear from the onset of the class that you started by assessing my strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, you were able to provide a diver specific instruction to advance my skills as a diver. Throughout the class you helped me to develop new skills by focusing upon areas that required improvement while incorporating/continuing to develop my preexisting skills. This allowed for a seamless integration of these skills (which were part of AOW) in a way that was developmentally consistent with my current skill sets. Your approach, in my opinion, is vastly superior to a “canned”, mechanistic approach (an approach that can, at times, parallel the rigid workings of an assembly line). While you thoroughly covered everything that was required by industry standards, it was clear that you vastly exceeded them. Throughout the entirety of the weekend you helped start me down the road to developing muscle memory (through consistency/standardization), covered more advanced dive planning procedures, helped me develop appropriate gas management skills, set high expectations for me as a diver, and served as a constant model of how to dive while incorporating best practices. After this weekend I walked away with a greater skill level and will continue practicing and developing these skills (physical and mental calculations/computations) until fluency is achieved. While this was my first class under your instruction, I can assure you that it will not be my last

Chris Z
Advanced Open Water, June 2016

Teach you skills you can use for the rest of your diving career

If you are at all interested in being a better more thoughtful diver and understanding trim/bouyancy control and your skills with a Bp/w and long hose, I highly recommend this class. It won't make you a tech diver and the card doesn't mean anything but it will teach you skills you can use for the rest of your diving career. Now it's time for some more practice dives

Brandon H
Intro to Tech, July 2015

Best Investments and Classes

The Intro to Tech class was probably one of the best investments and classes. I cannot believe how many of those techniques that you focused on I use on a consistent basis. Especially the back-kick. Ever since I got a point-n-shoot camera with underwater housing late last year, I've used it so often for underwater photography. Especially when I went in about 10 ft inside an shallow and somewhat narrow cove to take a photo of some oysters and could easily come back out with the back-kick.

Abhishek A
Intro to Tech, January 2016

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