It’s Not Difficult To Learn To Scuba Dive

I’ve truly wanted to learn to scuba dive my whole life. And with a vacation rapidly getting close to Cairns I thought I’d better learn fast.

I actually contacted some nearby dive centres and these people made the situation all appear incredibly tough and daunting in addition to being highly-priced. Consequently a tad shattered I googled the internet for “Cairns Scuba Schools” . And what a fantastic approach that had been. I was offered nearly 100′s of possibilities about Cairns scuba schools along with local travel agencies only too happy to guide us be able to scuba dive.

Afterwards mailing plenty of email messages with no shortage of queries I was pleased to uncover that the problem wasn’t as distressing, tough or unaffordable as I’d previously found out. Generally in Cairns you could do a diving training course in four, five or maybe six days. Four days will be the mimimum required for getting ones PADI accreditation. A PADI accreditation is the planets largest and most accepted.The five and six day programs offer you extra scuba dives and you get to do a liveaboard at the Cairns Great Barrier Reef.

And after a bit of hard decision time I decided to purchase a 5 day liveaboard dive course. Fistly I had to get a dive medical checkup done. This should never stress anyone who is reasonably healthy and fit. If you have no serious ailments or breathing complications you should be Right. The particular largest trouble is actually Asthma I personally beleive.

The first 2 days are usually spent in the Pool and Schoolroom. This means you discover the basics of diving plus some very simple skills. The actual hardest component about it was needing to tread water for 20 minutes. And somewhat unfairly the chubbiest people float much better than the actual muscled types. Those beverages after work everyday eventually have helped me.

The third day you leave to the great barrier reef. You are transferred to your charter boat at the reef by a fast boat packed with day guests, however when you first get there they take you into the water. You begin the training dives instantly. The actual first four dives are an element of your course, in which you be taught a number of extra skills. Then you will be able to complete five more dives with zero lessons integrated. You’re now a qualified scuba diver. Plus I got a chance to undertake it at the Great Barrier Reef, definitely not in some dark murky urban center waters.

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