A number of us did the Great Barrier Reef outer reef trip in Cairns . The 1st destination was the Fitzroy Island that you actually had around 2 hours to have a look around. Inadequate time frame actually given that there were a number of people all about. Don’t forget to bring along bug repellant because there are loads of biting insects about. Snorkelling around the actual shoreline was ok, even though we’ve seen better.

And after that it’s off to the outer reef (Norman Reef) along with their pontoon. As others have mentioned, it is suitable for the amount of travelers on the boat. The claimed under water viewing area became a disappointment – I have seen better inside the aquariums in Melbourne or even Brisbane . They haven’t bothered to clean the glass therefore it was very difficult to view just about anything through it. My little princess mentioned the exact same thing about their semi-submarine trip that i did not get to do because we just simply ran out of time.

If there’s anything that you must do, it will be the Scuba-doo, in particular when you’ve done a scuba dive before. It’s a great tactic to see the actual reef. Most people even saw a turtle and the other of the crew handed us a sea cucumber that my young boy loved. It’s not too cheap having said that i feel it’s worth every penny.

Right after the scuba-doo, I proceeded to go for a scuba dive. It was probobly mainly because it was the wet season but the visibility wasn’t as good as I had anticipated . It’s possible it’s different if you do a serious dive trip but with this sort of tour, you do not get to scuba dive pretty much any other destinations. Corals ended up being a lot of unexciting and darkish tones. Fish, even though there were lots, have been nothing out of the ordinary. Then to top if off, my personal diveguide simply just swum around in circles, not actually going out of her way to demonstrate to the wonders of the reef.

By the time the scuba dive was completed, I had almost enough time in order to eat and change (in the event that my spouse hadn’t reserved lunch for me, there was clearly none left) – as a result, I skipped the semi-sub cruise. If it was not for the scuba-doo, this would have been an extremely ordinary adventure.

We would do a dive specific cruise next time. One can find a lot of additional options when it comes to seeing the reef.

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