Getting to Know Roatan

Getting to Know Roatan

Roatan is a little known spot even today many people have not heard of this elongated crocodile shaped paradise. It started to gain some notoriety in the later 1900’s as a scuba diving location and was firmly rooted on the backpacker tourist map because of its diving and sister island Utila, famed for being the cheapest place to learn to dive in the word with the possibility of snorkelling or diving with the worlds largest fish the whale shark.

The original charming village of West End was the original diving hub with a few pioneering dive shops such as west end divers. It [West End]only recently gained a concrete road robbing it somewhat of it’s beachside paradise. It still has bags of it with palm trees and pretty church and the most amazing sunsets.

Where is Roatan?

Roatan is the largest and most developed member of the Bay Islands not too far from Belize and the Bay Islands is the local grouping term of the islands but after some swapping with Belize and Britain it became a part of Honduras. It has a mixture of Caribbean and Central American influence.

Getting to Roatan

1) Roatan has an airport– land at tiny Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport

that and two other ways of entry seem to be the way people get there.
2) Ferry from the mainland port of La Ceiba is the backpackers’ way with cheap fares. Backpacking through Central America was a thing if you were cool because too many people were doing Mexico and they needed to go deeper into the culture. Passing into Guatemala then Honduras was the way to do it.
3)Many visit Roatan via cruise ship- they are always sad to get back to the ship.

Roatan Scuba Diving

The main reason the majority of tourists come to Roatan is to dive. The cruise ship visitors skew that data but many of them try scuba diving here as it cheap and if you are going to try scuba then Roatan is unbeatable anywhere. PADI do a Discover Scuba Diver course and this is possible even if you are arriving for the day on a cruiseship. You get a good classroom and pool/confined water session with your instructors and divemasters before heading out for a shallow but exceptional dive experience. For experienced divers it gets better the topography gives you 2 weeks of diving a different site for each dive. Canyons, caves, walls drift diving, sandy flats, wrecks and the visibility is amazing. There are perhaps too many diveshops now but the people keep coming and diving. So the infrastructure is developing and the village feel of places like west end will change, a victim of it’s own success, but it’s still the place I will always return to.

Dive Boat- Bottom Time

It’s very much not just for scuba diving and the range of things to do is a great as any bigger island it really is a magical place. This is one such ‘development’ Little French Key

You can see why.

You can also swim with dolphins drive buggy’s across the sand and go sea fishing. The problem is choosing what to do- the burden of choice.

Fishing In And All-Around Tenerife: An Option For Just About Everybody

Fishing In And All-Around Tenerife: An Option For Just About Everybody

All the coastline of the Canary Islands is really one roller-coaster experience linked with incredible weather conditions, exotic beaches, great tasting cuisine not to mention recreation pursuits. The water forms the focus of daily life in seaside Tenerife, and additionally holds a variety of charms.When it comes to such a love of the sea, it’s not really unusual that doing some fishing forms a popular pastime and also love for so many in a location awash with water – away from the sea or perhaps coastal – regardless of whether sooth water estuarine sportfishing, relatively calm water bay fishing, flyfishing, light tackle sports fishing, reef fishing, serious tackle game reef fishing, or maybe beaches and headland fishing. Want to try diving? Diving Atlantis are the best by far!

The location is a real paradise for most line lovers – the world’s greatest ocean. And the range of fish and shellfish accessible brings a joy to the gastronomically inclined as well. The excellent weather of the Canary Islands means that the main fishing top season may last all year long.

The scores of preferred species have their peak conditions during various months. One example is, in the sport sportfishing communities, although Black Marlin is generally found in Sept into Dec, Blue Marlin is available from December on to March. Before getting down to sportfishing proper it is also critical to really know what it is that you want to accomplish. Fishing can be quite a frustratingly unrewarding adventure at times, and various types of marine life require distinct kinds and distinct tackle. Not all are properly trained for or are equipped for big game reef fishing, even though there are sufficient opportunities here for the greatest ranges of experience, or even absence thereof! Those who are keen on calm water estuary sport fishing can look forwards to landing archer fish, barracuda, barramundi, batfish, catfish, dart, estuarine cod, flathead, salmon, tarpon or maybe queenfish. Smooth water river fishing can bring the very prized barramundi, jungle perch, Saratoga or even Black Bream. Light-weight tackle sports, well suited for the vast majority of enthusiasts, could bring revered catch of barracuda, black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, Spanish or spotted mackerel in addition to yellowfin tuna. People who want to get a realistic taste of the reef may possibly love the endless favorite barracuda, cod, coral trout, nannygai, red emperor as well as turrum. For any serious sportspeople, enormous species of fish await. You can easily chase the blue and even black marlin, the mackerel tuna, northern bluefin tuna, striped marlin or maybe the yellowfin tuna.

As you know, there are actually a large number of varieties of fish occupying the sea, and also rivers in mainland Spain. Simply toss your line – you could well discover a little something pulling at the opposite end. Naturally, there are various sites where one can throw a net. Venture north on the mighty Daintree river that gushes out in torrents through the wet season. It provides an abundance of freshwater, huge tidal zones as well as mangrove environments. And so, within this extraordinary town, you’ll get the capture of either freshwater in addition to marine fishes. Head towards Port Douglas for lots more exhilarating destinations. The Anzac recreation area will be popular as a family fishing spot, in addition to the countless jetties and also wharfs jutting into the serene waters. Most of the Captain Cook Hwy, amongst the most picturesque routes on the globe, contains numerous fishing places. Aside from that you could possibly head over to Yorkeys Knob, Barron River, Trinity Inlet, Kings Point, Lake Tinaroo, Russell-Mulgrave, Mission beach, Cooktown, Seisia and also Princess Charlotte Bay. The reality is, the Cairns region is full of fishing alternatives. Fisherman turn up here to be enthralled, and they will seldom depart unsatisfied.

How to Find a Job as a Dive Instructor?

When you find yourself sick and tired with your same boring lifestyle you can begin wondering where to start a bit more enjoyable career and also approach to life. If you love Scuba Diving, then your question is : why don’t you get a job in the scuba diving world. Finding some sort of diving job is just not really hard, the main factor will be to know what form of certifications do you want and the way to apply for the opportunities all over the whole world.

Being a qualified dive teacher you will need to complete numerous diving (blank) classes, have a wide range of practical knowledge in addition to dive lots. It usually helps if you’re able to speak a different language or currently have practical knowledge in other areas, including First-aid, Administration, bouyancy, charter yacht knowledge, mechanics, and so forth.


They Gave Us A Day Off

A number of us did the Great Barrier Reef outer reef trip in Cairns . The 1st destination was the Fitzroy Island that you actually had around 2 hours to have a look around. Inadequate time frame actually given that there were a number of people all about. Don’t forget to bring along bug repellant because there are loads of biting insects about. Snorkelling around the actual shoreline was ok, even though we’ve seen better.

And after that it’s off to the outer reef (Norman Reef) along with their pontoon. As others have mentioned, it is suitable for the amount of travelers on the boat. The claimed under water viewing area became a disappointment – I have seen better inside the aquariums in Melbourne or even Brisbane . They haven’t bothered to clean the glass therefore it was very difficult to view just about anything through it. My little princess mentioned the exact same thing about their semi-submarine trip that i did not get to do because we just simply ran out of time.